Problem solving at it's Best!

Problem solving at it's Best!

ponder with Paula

Ponder with Paula has a mission as simple in its goal as it is complicated to apply to one’s life; help people to increase their quality of life and tangibly increase the amount of happiness they experience.

Hello and welcome!

My desire for this blog is to help each other by sharing problem solving stories, inspiring stories of hope, life experiences and inspirational Christian stories with one another so that together we can tackle some of life’s biggest challenges by working together in community. I want to provide a support system to others similar to what I have been blessed to have had during some of my most trying times in life. I firmly believe that is the way the chain of love works so that is why I am writing this blog; to share my stories and experiences so that I can save other people time, frustration, and money. Let's tackle a few of life's most pertinent subjects together! And, if you have any questions you'd like to submit to the blog I will do my very best to use every resource I have to help you locate a solution. My first question is this... Do you want the problem more than the solution? My job is to provide the ideas. Yours will be to TAKE ACTION! If you’re willing to do that, then Ponder with Paula is for you! Ready to sign up today? Join our mailing list.

Life is a team effort.

We are all in this together. Encouraging stories, a sense of humor and a positive outlook can be had for all, even in the midst of terrible circumstances where some might feel crushing darkness. I want to bring light to the darkness and help anyone who needs it to embrace the life they want and need to become a beacon of light that shines for others and, more importantly, shines for themselves.

The aftermath of heartbreak, loss and tragedy doesn’t have to be overwhelmingly lonely and defeating. We all deserve infinite happiness and you are your greatest hope. I believe this with all of my heart and it is my mission to help you make your way out of whatever challenges you face.